torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012

There’s nothing wrong with old and comfy...You just need to whoop it up a bit !

Teemana kierrätys, tuunatut huonekalut ja "roskisdesign" sisustamisessa
Recycling, repaired furniture and junkdesign. And how to combine them to modern interior.

Granma´s renovated "Mayor" armchairs

Tapiovaara`s Crinolette found from granma´s 

Renovated Kukkapuro`s Trumpetti chair found from dumpster 

Renovated chair buyed from Lahti Istitute of Design student work sale 

Old hospital infusion holder as a toiletpaper holder,  found  from hospital dumpster

Chickenfood mixer buyed from fleemarket

Old hospitalscale found from hospital dumpster.

How to use old bicycle as a decoration

Backrest hanger from

Candlestick from

Kitchen lamp from

Papers gas can tank from

Rocking chair large from

Telephone from

Trunk bench from

Recycling interior ideas via

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