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A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi


I  visited Cyprus this week and found very interesting architecture and interior design there. Architecture and Designing is very modern and elegant in Cyprus, and I was soooo happy that I found nice interior design magazines saw so many  beautiful interiors there.

Here´s some photos I took and findings from local design-magazines from Cyprus too

New architecture

Nice round balconies like functionalism- style

Beautiful garden

Nice balcony

Bookself by Anurak Suchat


Family-Life sofa in interesting via


via alexander +

chemiseXL, via essere

The Most expensive House in Cyprus

 The luxurious Limassol beachfront property in Amathus, Cyprus has hit the market for a cool €25 million, making it the most expensive house in Cyprus. The lavish property has been designed and decorated by a team, including some of the best best architects and interior designers selected for their innovative approaches. This project is a showcase to the latest in property design and technological developments. With its high standards, the house is sure to impress the most discerning buyers. via

The Most expensive house in Cyprus
The Most expensive house in Cyprus

The Most expensive house in Cypros

Then I found beautiful chandlerier made by Rebecca Wilson! And this is also clever idea if you have too many broken cups :)

‘Memoria; 100 Cups of Tea, Never To Be…’highlights the sadness of a beautiful object that has been broken. A shattered gold tea pot lies below while its soul leaves its broken vessel in the form of a swarm of 100 ghostly little winged tea cups. A faint glow from within enhances the ghostly presence of each angelic winged tea cup. 
Each little cup is individually cast and assembled in bone china, and then suspended from a single fibre optic strand. The LED light source in concealed within the lightweight ceiling-rose fitting and gives a ghostly cool white glow.

Next week to Milano :)

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