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"Beauty is a State of Mind - not a Size Tag" Suvi Asamoa

Tiinanhuone kalusti Lovehandles design pop-up-storen Helsingin Forumissa

Tiinanhuone furnished Lovehandles design pop-up-store in the shopping center Forum, in Helsinki

Sain hienon tilaisuuden kalustaa Suvi Asamoan design pop-up-store Lovehandlesin Helsingin Forumissa. Lovehandles on globaali designvaateyritys ja brändi, joka valmistaa uniikkeja ja näyttäviä asuja käsityönä plus-koon naisille.
Tiimiin kuuluu olennaisena osana myös Mrs Designer, Jenni Lahtonen. Jenni on Tiinanhuoneen ja Lovehandlesin visuaaliseen yritysilmeen luoja ja monilahjakas visionääri

I got a great opportunity to furnish Suvi Asamoa´s design-pop-up store Lovehandles in the shopping center Forum in Helsinki. Lovehandles is a global design clothing company and a brand that manufactures unique and spectacular outfits handmade for plus size women. 
 The integral part of the team is  Mrs Designer,  Jenni Lahtonen. Jenni is a creator of visual company image of Tiinanhuone and Lovehandles and also so multi-talented visionary


Here it goes... Before:

before, inside...

before, outside...

Tiina with B-Line furniture

Suvi sitting in Karim Rashid Woopy barstool

Mrs Designer planning with happy Suvi

begins to take shape...

Jenni and Suvi

Great team :)


Unique kaftans

Woopies4/4 table-shelveQubies and illuminated pot Bassano

Woopy chairs4/4 table-shelveQubies and illuminated pot Bassano with Lovehandles accessories

Also Buk magazine rack

Ulus lampMultichair and unique clothes

Lovehandles PopUp store open from 8th to 31st August 2012

LLLpUp Store auki 8. - 31.8.2012Lovehandles PopUp Store auki 8. - 31.8.2012

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  1. Thanks for the great post Tiina! Everyone is welcome to come and meet us here at the pop-up store between 11am to 6pm, saturdays open until 5pm.